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Book of Remembrance

As we have done in past years, we are pleased to include the names of our congregation’s loved ones in our Book of Remembrance. We share this book on Yom Kippur as we remember and honor those we have lost.

If you wish to add a name to our Book or have a correction to provide, please use the form below. If you shared a name with us last year, you do not need to re-submit it. 

Whether or not we have previously listed your names, it is traditional to make an annual contribution to the Book of Remembrance in memory of family members or friends. You may make your contribution to the Book of Remembrances or to any Temple fund in the name of your loved ones by submitting the form below.
Please use last years listing.
Please add the following names to last year's listing.
This is my first time, please create a listing with these names.

Please note: While we do not charge for including names in our Book of Remembrance, your donation is greatly appreciated.


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