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Lunch Bunch & Afternoon Adventure Spring 2022

February 1- May 26
Lunch Bunch is 12-1pm
Afternoon Adventure is 12-2pm

Monday: Gym with Benny
Join us for a fun fitness class led by the amazing Benny who has gone through Jodi's Gym training program and is USA Gymnastics Safety Certified.  Children will develop gross motor skills, basic coordination, balance, flexibility as well as spatial awareness and more.

Tuesday: FUN WITH S•T•E•A•M!
science - technology -engineering -art -math
In the preschool classroom STEAM means engaging young learners in imaginative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration through play and active learning. Each week, children will have fun exploring the ways that things work through science, tech, engineering, art, and math experiences. 
Wednesday: Never Stop Moving 365 
Children have A LOT of energy and this class will help them get those wiggles out after school. Come exercise, practice sports, throwing, kicking, catching, rolling and more as well as running, fleeing, dodging through various obstacle courses, tag games, scavenger hunts and other gross motor physical activity games with NeverStopMoving365.  Let’s get moving!
Thursday: Tae Kwon Do
The dynamic Korean self-defense martial art of appropriate kicking and punching is led by Master Edwards. Children will learn focus, respect and physical fitness, all taught safely in a child friendly manner. Incorporating fun, motivation and discipline will enhance children lives physically and mentally from a young age.

Friday:  Shake It out
Shake it out is a fun and energetic intro to the world of popular dance! This clas helps students express themselves through movement while promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and confidence. 

∙ All programs are subject to minimum enrollment. 
∙ Enrollment is subject to available space in each program and will  be granted on a first-come first-served basis.  
∙ Enrollment in each program is semester-long. Registration may only be  transferrable to other Afternoon Programs or days, if space allows. 
∙ Full payment is due upon registration to guarantee your child's space. 
∙ Tuitions are non-refundable and adjustments will not be made for  absences or school closings.

If you do choose to pay by credit/debit card, there is a 2.5% convenience fee that will automatically be added to help us cover our merchant fees.

Tuesday Lunch Bunch $72.00
Wednesday Never Stop Moving $360.00
Wednesday Lunch Bunch $72.00
Thursday Tae Kwon Do $360.00
Thursday Lunch Bunch $72.00
Monday Gym with Benny $520.00
Monday Lunch Bunch $234.00
Tuesday Fun with S.T.E.A.M $600.00
Tuesday Lunch Bunch $270.00
Wednesday Never Stop Moving $600.00
Wednesday Lunch Bunch $270.00
Thursday Tae Kwon Do $600.00
Thursday Lunch Bunch $270.00
Friday Shake it Out $360.00
Friday Lunch Bunch $234.00

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