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Casino Night 2019

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Chai Roller (Includes 10 Tickets, $5,000 in chips, name on front cover, inside cover ad and naming of 4 casino tables) $36,000.00
Royal Flush (Includes 6 Tickets, $2,500 in chips, gold border journal ad, naming of 1 casino table $10,000.00
Full House (4 Tickets, $1,500 in chips, silver border journal ad) $5,000.00
Wheel of Fortune (2 Tickets, $1000 in chips, full page journal ad) $2,500.00
Aces Chai (2 Tickets, $500 in chips, 1/2 page journal ad) $1,800.00
The Real Deal (2 Tickets, $250 in chips, 1/4 page journal ad) $1,000.00
Gold Border $1,000.00
Silver Border $750.00
Full page $500.00
Half page $360.00
Quarter page $250.00
Business Card $180.00
Name Listing $36.00

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